personal project – url shortener

Categories: aws, microservice, Python, Security

To get back to ‘hardcode’ coding, I want to start a series of personal projects. The first in the series is an URL shortener. The idea is to create a simple API service to generate and manage URL shortener keys. The goal of this API service is to: Generate a new key given an URL […]

Wi-Fi Analyzer on iPhone/iPad

Categories: app, Howto, iOS, iPad, iPhone

Android has a beautiful app to help you scan & analyze the Wi-Fi signals floating around you. But there are no 3rd party apps for iOS. This is a huge limitation. Why? Why is this a limitation? Why is analyzing Wi-Fi signals important? Well, the least of many reasons is to find a less crowded […]

IoT? Whatsapp yo?!

Categories: app, Generics

How many of you have heard of the ‘yo’ app? Yo – It’s that simple. For the unknowns, it is an app with which we can send a ‘yo’ as a text & audio notification. Trust me! That is all! Just a ‘yo’ and nothing more!!! 🙂 The first time I heard about this app […]

Windows7 Applications I Need

Categories: Generics, Windows

I believe the applications/software I have installed in my Windows 7 ‘work’ laptop increases my productivity. I have just captured the same here for both cataloging for future purpose as well as sharing to the extended communities. There is no particular order to this. I prefer a certain style to my desktop and would strive […]

We need a Tag based File system “yesterday”

Categories: file system

You: Why a tag based file system? Me: Because all current file systems are broken. You: What the F are you talking about? Me: I know you know more about file systems than I do but listen to me with a logical open mind & then conclude. Current File systems are broken To understand my […]