Quick tip: Byte order of your system

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Byte Order! Well, this is one thing many of us have kinda forgotten and/or don’t bother. Well, after all this is more on how the hardware works and not on how the software is written. Of course, this needs to be taken into consideration in network programming as well but again not so much in […]

Quick tip: Verify if RS232 (aka serial) cable works

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I have been playing around with serial cables the last couple of days. One of my major task I was into is to connect a embedded box with my laptop. First trouble was my laptop does not have a serial port to accept connection. But the bigger trouble was whether the cable provided by the […]

VMWare: Serial port communication between 2 guests

Categories: Howto, vmware

Now now.. one of the best things that has happened to kernel programmers (like me on Linux) is the stability of the desktop virtualization. I am mean with super awesome stability and features of virtualization softwares like VMWare & VirtualBox the otherwise scary kernel debugging has taken a new sweet turn. I still remember how […]

FF Plugin: News articles on Twitter hash tags

Categories: firefox, javascript, plugin

I wanted to try my hand on firefox plugin programming. And, guess what, I did! 🙂 This is why, what & how I achieved. Typically my technical blogs contain a lot of information just the way I prefer to read/learn from other blogs. So you can expect details… details… details.. and more words! 🙂 Well, […]