Quick tip: Byte order of your system

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Byte Order! Well, this is one thing many of us have kinda forgotten and/or don’t bother. Well, after all this is more on how the hardware works and not on how the software is written. Of course, this needs to be taken into consideration in network programming as well but again not so much in […]

Quick tip: Verify if RS232 (aka serial) cable works

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I have been playing around with serial cables the last couple of days. One of my major task I was into is to connect a embedded box with my laptop. First trouble was my laptop does not have a serial port to accept connection. But the bigger trouble was whether the cable provided by the […]

Checking your Ubuntu Version

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There are 4 different ways to check which version of Ubuntu one is running. Two of them are command-line based and the other is using tools. In Unity Unity is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin). The steps to retrieve the version information is as follows: Click on the ‘projection’ on […]