HowTo: Disk space reduction on C:\ Drive [Windows 7]

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I am suffering from a big time space crunch when it comes to my windows box. Unbelievable. Even a 300G disk seem insufficient! And, I am geeky enough to ensure my private stuff, work stuff & OS stuff does not reside on the same partition. Yet I get into super-duper mess! Now I am at my wits end. I cannot handle anymore lack of space or a slow system!

My current free space is about 9.26GB & yet the speed of the system is competing with Win98 systems!! 🙁

C Drive Space at the beginning
C Drive Space at the beginning

First things first. I wanna know which part of my system is taking up so much space! In geeky terms, I need a disk space analyzer for Windows. Well a simple google search gave me some brilliant options and based on a nicely detailed article1. I chose SpaceSniffer2.

  • Temporary Files: First step is to attack the temporary files. I used SpaceSniffer to find them. I found nothing major eating my disk-space so I moved on. Some of the many capabilities of SpaceSniffer can be found at their tips & tricks page3
  • Old Files: Find files that are more than 1 year old! This gave me some shockers! More than 46GB of my 100GB was untouched in over an year!! If I ignore the AppData, which cannot be deleted or moved4, then my pain points were:
    • pagefile.sys file – This was a whooping 7.8GB but then OS holds part of memory (RAM) data in this file & hence obviously should not meddled with5.
    • hiberfil.sys file – This was a staggering 5.8GB! This file has something to do with hibernation & you can use this info to free up this space6. And I did free up this space! 🙂
    • android directory – This was an unnecessary 2.2GB! Since I had long ago uninstalled all android based tools, it was a no-brainer to delete this fella outta my system.

At this point in time, solely due to hiberfil.sys, I gained about 6GB!

C Drive Space after hiberfil.sys
C Drive Space after hiberfil.sys

But I was still unhappy with the space reduction! 🙁 Gotta continue further!

Windows Disk Cleanup
Windows Disk Cleanup
  • Windows Disk Cleanup: Last but one option I got is to perform ‘Disk Cleanup,’ which I normally don’t trust. Historically I haven’t got any good results with this but then I am at the biggest space crunch cross-roads of my life! And, to my surprise, for the first time since I started using Windows I was happy with the results produced by a native windows utility. This saved be a good 18GB!! 🙂 18GB!! Boy, was I happy or what?! I was supremely excited! 🙂 🙂
  • CCleaner: Finally, I got totally greedy and chose to install the ‘CCleaner Free‘ for the ultimate cleanse! 🙂 And, this gave me another 1GB! 🙂 For the heck of it I chose to run the registry clean up as well. It guarantees me it found some milling DLLs and has fixed the issues! I gotta wait and see! 🙂
CCleaner Analysis
CCleaner Analysis

Anyways, after all these tasks (which consumed a good 3~4 hours of my time) now I am happy with a good 25.5GB of free space up from the initial 9.26GB! Am I a happy man or what?! 🙂 🙂

Final Disk Usage
Final Disk Usage

Btw, I followed these steps from howtogreek.com8

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